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If you want to learn guitar, you can go to a coaching, learn and master the skill or can just subscribe to tutorials widely available on Youtube. Same goes for anything and everything you want to master and become a professional in it but there exists no such way by which you can learn and grow into a professional writer and at the same time keep getting exposure and opportunities to give voice to your words."
There are more than 1000 publications in Indian subcontinent itself and innumerable writers but a large fraction of them are never able to move ahead after their debut creation. This is because of the lack of proper grooming of budding talents and leveraging them the right resources. Due to which, Literature in today’s world is suffering a severe setback. We fear that a time may come when there will be no one to express a situation or the feelings of our generation.

Arz kia hai is a writer's paradise which provides a dias to all the litterateurs (amateur, an expert or an enthusiast) to grow as a writer and satiate all literary needs as a collaborative community cum family. Our members are categorized as:
Shypods – Budding Writers
Bigwigs – Established Writers
Fandoms – Literature Enthusiasts and Critics


It began as a journey when one of our members found it difficult to express his feelings while in college and nobody used to listen to him while he spoke to them. He then happened to participate in an on-the-spot poetry competition. He wrote his first poetry, recited it there and realized the fact that literature is an amazing tool to express one’s feelings with the help of well- sewn words that can express one’s heart out while creating maximum impact on the listener or the reader. Although he didn’t win the competition, he got his first claps and Yes! to his happiness. Everybody listened to him. Thanks to lord, tomatoes were not available that day, nearby!


Explore, Learn and Grow

The writer in you: Platform for learning and exploring various writing skills in you- starting from discovering the reason behind “why you write” to “getting published”

Open mic sessions: wherein you can test your content while getting encouragement to write (Open for All) (Attend Arz kia hai)

Get Feedbacks: Get comments in the form of suggestions and encouragement on your writing/creations from members, experts and critiques

Networking: Interact with the people of your kind, in your own place and learn from them

Mentorship: Receive regular guidance from the experts and established writers


Are you in search of a platform wherein you can get all kinds of resources through which you can establish yourself and reach to masses?

Arz Kia Hai Studio: Get popular and earn (as per the number of hits on your video) through our exclusive channel featuring originals of 21st century

Get featured in media: TV,Radio,Print via our exclusive tie-ups and our publications

Book Launches: Get your book launched and reviewed by our community to gain initial traction

Referrals: Get employment and internship opportunities in the field of writing via our network

Experience a Family

Most important of all, we are a family and stand beside each other in times of needs because that’s what makes us a true writer. These are the things which we can’t guarantee you but nonetheless, we believe this to be the most important aspect our community!

Make Friends for lifetime: As you travel to different places, you get to meet and network with fellow writers who are a part of the same family.

Share your feelings: At times, it happens that you find no one who can understand you. A writer is always a great empathizer; they can always understand you sensitively without judging you.

Support the revolution in literature: Extinction of local traditions and languages have taken with them many of the essence or colors and way of representations with each passing day. We are trying to preserve the local traditions and languages by recording the literature, hence providing them the platform to share their identity.

Team Behind The Ink of Change

Priyanka Sahu

Community In-charge I Content - writer

Being a literature student, she wishes to see people consider writings as a career option and finds writings the best form of expression. She writes in both Hindi and English.

Gaurav Singh

Community Curator I Writer and Engineer

An engineer by profession. He is also a poet and storyteller. Author of the novel titled “A Million Dreams”- a work of fiction dealing with the lives of adolescents. He writes both in English and Hindi.


Community Convener I Director and Entrepreneur

Started Arz kia hai out of love to literature while realizing the potential it carries in using it as tool for expression of feelings. Also a TEDx licensee and organizer, founder of alphapreneur and poetcard. A ghalib fan, quotes in both English & Hindi, exploring chhattisgarhi and other regional languages while continuing with regular adds & short films, projects in direction and PR.

Vishish Kumar

Designer I Dreamer

He better display than Ink.