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How do I copyright my poems?
Do you own my poetry?
If I post my poem on All Poetry, can I still post it elsewhere?

Yes - we don't want or need exclusive rights to your work, just the right to show it on our website.

Can someone steal my poems?
Someone shared one of my poems as their own! What can I do?

General Queries

What it takes to be a member of the community?
What do i get by being a member of the community?
How can i be a part of organizing team?

If you think you have the time and passion to support the literature revolution, your local Arz kia hai community is bringing up. Apply here: Apply here

How can i start a chapter at my place?
Can i attend the event, even if i’m not the part of the community?
Can i speak at the event, even if i’m not the part of the community?
What do it takes to attend an arz kia hai’s event?
What do i get as an attendee?
I want to sponsor/collaborate with the community to advertise my brand/book or any other stuff. How can I?
What we do with the money we collect via membership, collaborations and events?